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The ableX release 5.3 has been successfully started!

Experienced users can look forward to new features in ableX 5.3 that make data handling even more convenient - and faster.

As data volumes grow, performance becomes increasingly important. The ableX answer to this is to outsource particularly long-running, resource-intensive processes to a server service that runs independently of the work in the client.

The processing of media sharing or large import projects is efficiently offloaded to the server, which also ensures even better cloud capability.

ableX users can now share multiple high-volume projects one after the other - processing takes place in parallel and at the desired time. Take more time in May for a barbecue in the garden - while ableX is busy importing and harmonising your data!

Usability has not been neglected in the new ableX release. The operation of the system has become even more intuitive and offers more helpful automatisms where needed - e.g. when assigning classes in the link wizard or when importing articles after referencing them. Several improvements relate to the analysis tools, which should have a positive impact on the support area.

In the core of our data quality module - the FX workspace - the selection options for data subset tables have been made more precise and working with hierarchical fields has been optimised.

With these adjustments, we are providing our users with even better support in their day-to-day data maintenance work, turning challenges into potential.

Since the first of May, the new release has been available free of charge to all customers with an active ableX licence.

Interested? Then contact us for more details or decide in favour of an update today!


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