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Master Data Management (MDM)


Master Data Management (MDM) refers to the strategic processes and technologies used to manage an organization's core business data. The goal is to create and maintain a consistent, accurate data source that is used across the organization. MDM focuses on standardizing and maintaining core information about customers, products and other essential business units to ensure data consistency and accuracy.


Our ableX solutions offer a variety of features to support the creation of "Golden Records". With our help, create the most accurate and complete version of your data set! A crucial factor for the quality and integrity of your data!

User friendliness

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface

High-quality data integration

Seamlessly integrate data from different sources


Adapt to the growth and changing needs of the business

Improved decision making

Access to consistent, accurate and up-to-date data


Highly customizable to specific business needs

Data quality and security

Ensuring high standards of data quality and security

Efficient data management

Optimisation of master data management and reduction of redundancies

Robust data governance

Support strong data governance policies

ableX Dashboard

General MDM Benefits

  • Centralised data maintenance („Single Source of Truth“)​

  • Data maintenance on mass (work areas)​

  • Data qualification on mass ​

  • Classification as well as feature and attribute maintenance

  • Product data analysis options

  • Data-related process control

  • Possibility of setting up product relationships (accessories, spare parts, parts lists...) and packaging conversions

  • Integrated DAM

  • Integrated price and condition maintenance

  • On request: Calculation

  • On request: Catalogue management



Integration with SAP and other systems possible without any problems (tested, defined interfaces)



Pre-configured XML schemas for BMEcat (1.2, 2005), ARGE and others



Standardized import interface for ETIM classification and others


Text management

Separate integrated tool for central product text management


Zero coding / scripting: 

All customizing is done via ableX tools – not through coding/scripting

ableX Klassifikationsmanager_edited.jpg

General benefits

  • High degree of standardization​

  • Strong interface competence​

  • Shorter implementation time & easier integration; faster “time-to-market”, faster RoI​

  • ableX can be operated more easily by the customer themselves​

  • No scripting, logical operation​

  • Lower update effort​

  • Convenient import-export from the standard​

  • Several formats from the standard can be used ad hoc​

  • Higher level of configurability & Flexibility​

  • Configuration can also be carried out independently by experienced users​

  • Customizing requirements are lower – many preconfigured features​

  • Wide range of functionalities and modules​

  • Better connection options to other systems in the corporate network - and beyond​

  • Integration with SAP and other systems possible without any problems (tested, defined interfaces)

Our ableX MDM solution is designed for central data harmonization and data migration and data integration,
​also with decentralized data maintenance

MDM - Lösung

Discover the MDM solution with us

for your challenges!

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