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Our journey with DevOps: progress, successes and the future

Introduction: In the dynamic world of software development, it is crucial to constantly evolve and adapt. In our company, we recognised the importance of DevOps early on and committed to this approach. In this blog post, I'd like to highlight our journey with DevOps, the milestones we've reached and the positive changes we've seen in the way we work as a result.

Our beginnings with DevOps: Implementing DevOps was more than just a technical shift for us; it was a transformation of our culture and way of working. Initially, we faced challenges such as breaking down silos between departments and optimising our processes. But with each step towards DevOps, we saw improvements in collaboration and our processes.

Significant milestones: Over the years, we've reached quite a few milestones that have helped us meet DevOps standards and best practices. One key moment was the automation of our update processes. It used to be the case that delivered updates did not contain the promised customisations. Today, with a fully automated update process, such errors are history.

Quality improvement through automated tests: Another important step was the introduction of fully automated tests at various levels. Particularly noteworthy here is our FX framework with its excellent test coverage, including automated UI tests. Error reports for this framework have decreased significantly over the past year, which emphasises the stability and reliability of our software. 

Knowledge and solution development: These developments have not only improved our products, but also our understanding of how modern software solutions are professionally developed. Our expanded expertise, combined with our experience from DevOps practice, has taken us to a new level of software development.

Outlook and competitive advantages: Through our continuous work and improvement in the area of DevOps, we not only remain competitive, but are also one step ahead of our competitors in many aspects. The implementation of DevOps has enabled us to respond more quickly to market requirements, increase the quality of our products and improve customer satisfaction.

Future vision: In the future, we plan to further deepen and expand our DevOps practices. A particular focus will be on further automating and optimising our workflows. The aim is to achieve seamless integration of development, operations and quality assurance to enable even faster and more efficient product development.

Final thoughts: The journey with DevOps is an ongoing one, and we are proud of what we have achieved so far. It's a journey that requires teamwork, commitment and constant improvement. We are confident that continuing these practices will help us continue to deliver innovative, reliable and high-quality software solutions.

Conclusion: Our experience clearly shows that the path to successful DevOps implementation is challenging but extremely rewarding. Not only does it allow us to overcome technical challenges efficiently, but it also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We look forward to continuing our journey in this ever-changing landscape of software development and sharing our experiences with you.


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