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“You can never solve problems with the same mindset,
through which they came into being.”
Albert Einstein

The ableX solution for Data quality and integrity

At ableX, we understand that ensuring data quality and integrity is critical to your business. We address this challenge with a multi-layered solution that focuses on prevention, detection and correction.

Preventive action:

  • Validation on input:
    ableX ensures that all incoming data is checked against predefined quality standards. This is done through real-time validation rules that catch inconsistencies before they enter your database.


  • Custom data rules:
    You can set specific rules tailored to your business logic to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

Detection systems:

  • Continuous monitoring:
    Our software continuously monitors your data for quality and consistency. Anomalies are reported immediately so you can act proactively.


  • Data qualitys dashboards:
    Visualize the status of your data quality with intuitive dashboards that help you stay on top of things and identify areas for improvement.

Correction tools:

  • Data cleaning:
    ableX provides tools to clean your data to remove duplicates, correct errors and outdated
    update information.

  • Data enrichment:
    Our platform can enrich your data by linking it to trusted external sources to increase completeness and accuracy.

Data backup and reporting:

  • Versioning:
    ableX records versions of your data so that changes can be tracked and, if necessary, a restoration of the previous data status is possible.

  • Audit trails:
    All actions on your data are recorded, ensuring complete traceability and supporting compliance regulations.

With ableX we help you ensure that your data meets the highest quality and integrity standards.
This allows you to make informed decisions and increase the efficiency of your company.



data records on average were imported and referenced by each of our customers (2022) with ableX.

The ableX solution for Data integration and migration

At ableX, we have developed a comprehensive solution to the challenges of data integration and migration, specifically aimed at reducing complexity and enabling efficient merging of heterogeneous data sources.


  • Configurable interfaces:
    Our platform offers flexible interfaces that can be easily adapted to different data sources, whether internal, external or in the cloud.


  • Unified Data Model:
    ableX uses a unified data model that makes it easier to integrate data from different systems without data loss or distortion.


  • Automated mapping:
    With our advanced mapping tool, you can automatically map data fields from different sources, significantly speeding up the integration process.

  • Real-time data processing:
    ableX can process data in real time, enabling immediate availability and use of newly integrated data.


  • Step-by-step wizards:
    ableX simplifies migration with user-friendly wizards that guide you through the entire migration process.

  • Data validation and cleaning:
    During the migration, our system validates and cleanses the data to ensure consistency and quality.


  • Temporary data storage:
    We provide data caching to enable gradual migration and ensure business continuity.


  • Audit and Compliance:
    Our solution ensures that all integration and migration activities are documented to meet compliance requirements.

  • Continuous synchronization:
    After the initial migration, ableX provides ongoing synchronization tools to ensure data freshness.

With ableX, we help you ensure that your data integration and migration projects run smoothly and without interrupting your ongoing operations. We help you realize the full potential of your data by enabling seamless, efficient and secure data merging.



data records were exported from ableX by each of our customers on average (2022).

The ableX solution for Data security and protection

At ableX we take the security and protection of your data extremely seriously.
Our data management solution is specifically designed to protect your sensitive information against unauthorized access and data loss while maintaining compliance applicable data protection regulations.

Data security:

  • Advanced encryption:
    All data stored or transmitted on our platform is protected by the latest encryption technologies.


  • Multi-layer security architecture:
    ableX can support a multi-layered security system, including the implementation of firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Data protection:

  • Access controls:
    ableX ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, with a strict role and permission structure.

  • Data sovereignty:
    We offer data retention options in specific jurisdictions to meet local data protection requirements.


  • Regular security audits:
    Our platform undergoes regular security audits and updates to maintain protection against the latest threats.

  • Regular updates on data protection compliance:
    Our software is continuously adapted to the latest data protection regulations to ensure compliance with standards such as the GDPR.

Data Backup and Restore:

  • Automated backups:
    ableX can perform automatic backups 
    to ensure that your data can be restored in the event of a system failure or security incident.


  • Restoreplanning plans:
    Our platform has robust recovery procedures to
    enable a quick return to normal operation after data loss.

ableX allows you to secure and protect your data while maintaining full control and meeting regulatory requirements. We provide you with the security you need to focus on growing and innovating your business.



data records per customer

were qualitatively evaluated and enriched on average (2022).

The ableX solution for Data management and new technologies

ableX addresses the challenge of data management and rapid
technological development with a future-oriented approach:

Data management:

  • Scalable data management platform:
    offers a robust and scalable platform that can handle the exponential growth of data volumes. With this platform, companies are able to store, process and analyse their data efficiently without being overwhelmed by the increasing flood of data.

  • Adaptable technology solutions: 
    ableX recognises that not every new technology is suitable for every business. That's why the platform offers customisable solutions and interfaces that make it possible to choose from a wide range of technological developments and implement only the tools and functions that are most relevant to the company's specific needs.

New technologies:

  • Integration of AI and machine learning: 
    ableX remains at the forefront of technological development by integrating AI and machine learning. These technologies are used to identify patterns in large amounts of data, make predictions and enable automated decisions, enabling companies to develop and implement data-driven strategies.


  • Ongoing updates and training: 
    To ensure that companies can keep up with rapid technological advances, ableX offers regular updates and training. These resources help keep employee expertise current and ensure the latest technologies are used effectively.

With ableX, companies can overcome the challenges of data management and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the rapid development of technology to remain competitive and grow.



Prices and condition data sets

were added and qualified in ableX

by each of our Customers on average (2022).

The ableX solution for Big Data

ableX addresses the challenge of big data complexity with a future-oriented data management solution that is specifically designed to process, analyze and derive useful insights from large and diverse amounts of data.

Big data processing:

  • Scalable infrastructure:
    ableX has a highly scalable infrastructure capable of keeping pace with the volume, variety and velocity of big data.


  • Data stream processing:
    Our solution provides advanced data stream processing capabilities to effectively process real-time data from IoT devices and sensors.

Big Data Analyse:

  • Powerful analysis engines:
    ableX leverages advanced analytics engines and machine learning to extract deep insights from complex data sets.


  • Data visualization:
    Intuitive visualization tools enable users to identify data patterns and trends that are critical to strategic decisions.

Data storage and management:

  • Distributed data storage:
    We offer distributed storage solutions that specifically
    l Designed to handle large amounts of data to ensure rapid query and analysis.


  • Data quality management:
    With ableX you can ensure that your big data sources remain clean, consistent and reliable to ensure the integrity of analysis results.

User friendliness:

  • User-centered design:
    Our platform is designed to be user-friendly to enable even non-experts to handle big data.


  • Integration and automation:
    ableX integrates seamlessly into existing systems and enables workflow automation to increase efficiency.

With ableX, you are able to master the complexities of big data and transform your data into valuable insights that drive the growth and success of your business.



attributes & catalogue data 

were added and qualified

by each of our customers on average (2022).

The ableX solution for outdated technologies and systems 

ableX offers a tailored solution for organizations faced with outdated data infrastructure and legacy systems. Our platform is designed to ease the transition to modern data management and analytics technologies while minimizing the associated time and costs.

Modernization of legacy systems:

  • Integration layer:
    ableX implements a flexible integration layer that allows seamless connection to legacy systems without the need for a complete overhaul.


  • Gradual migration:
    We offer a step-by-step migration approach that allows systems to be gradually modernized without disrupting operations.

Modern data management:

  • Plug and play solutions:
    ableX uses modular plug-and-play solutions to introduce modern data management functions into existing systems.


  • Cost-effective scaling:
    Our platform is designed to grow with your business, eliminating the need for expensive upfront investments.

Risk minimization:

  • Risk-based prioritization:
    ableX helps identify and prioritize system components that pose the highest risk and addresses them first.


  • Compatibility checks:
    Our software can perform compatibility checks,
    to ensure that new technologies can work with existing systems.

Technological agility:

  • Customizable interfaces:
    ableX offers customizable interfaces that enable easy integration of new technologies into existing infrastructure.


  • Future-proof architecture:
    Our solutions are designed to be future-proof to support long-term technological advancements and associated requirements.

With ableX, your company will not only collect and store data, but will also understand and use data as an integral part of its daily work. We support you in creating a strong data culture in which data is recognized as a key resource for decisions and innovation.



Up to 2.400 data sets per second

 process our solutions

 depending on the configuration


We offer a variety of functionalities that are just waiting to be put together for your individual use. Take advantage of our flexibility in building data models and taking your very individual processes into account. Experience with us, without programming,
how we can get the best potential out of your data!

Classification manager



The classification manager allows users to automatically classify data into predefined categories. This function improves data organization, facilitates quick access and supports precise reporting by organizing information in a structured manner.

DQR Editor



The "DQR Editor" (Data Quality Rules Editor) helps users to monitor the definition and adjustment of rules, as well as ensuring data quality. This tool allows users to set criteria for data cleanliness, consistency and accuracy, which are automatically applied to maintain the integrity of the database.

Data field mapping



The "Datafield Mapping" feature in ableX allows data fields from different sources to be linked to ensure a consistent data structure and seamless data integration.




The "Referencing" feature in ableX allows data sets to be linked to form relational references, which strengthens data consistency and facilitates comprehensive analysis.

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