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Stammdaten immer und überall, in bester Qualität,
so, wie Sie es brauchen! 

Keep control of your data despite complex requirements!

Data harmonisation is becoming increasingly complex. Different data sources deliver heterogeneous data structures, no matter where they come from. Each supplier provides its own data structures and formats, connected systems often only talk about their own interface or data formats. Data governance processes often cannot really be enforced. Downstream systems that rely on the cleansed and harmonised data often only receive ''slipped through'' or incomplete data.

Central data management is the best way to ensure data reliability! ableX is designed to collect data from the various data sources and ensure its integrity before it is transmitted to the systems, in compliance with quality regulations and in an individualised form.

Automate processes to save time and money and achieve your goals thanks to the best data quality, which you can always rely on with ableX. With individually adjustable quality assurance measures, you ensure that your data is always correct, comprehensive and up-to-date.

ableX means immediate availability of all product information everywhere and at all times!


automated processes


Control about your data


achieve goals



What you can achieve with ableX? 

The person responsible for master data is sitting between two stools. The management wants to increase the assortment, but the master data team is already overloaded and protests. What can she do to accommodate both? 

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Benefit from a central data management solution that promises success


You are looking for a possibility for a regulated and simple data integration in which quality management is a top priority. At the same time, the speed of both import and export should be designed for data exchange between several systems and that in live operation without waiting time. You want the programme to have a user-friendly structure so that the work can be done quickly and effectively. Documents or other attachments should be assigned automatically and the whole thing not just for a few articles, but for article masters amounting to several million! And designed for the management including additional information such as prices, images, documents, texts and conditions! Then get to know our data management solution ableX for manufacturers now and gain a competitive advantage.



Easily exchange master data and information across groups and companies and let the data flow freely!



Manage and refine your data of several million items centrally and achieve the highest data quality!



Always keep track of data quality and your tasks. Intervene before problems arise!



Enrich attributes for your articles, partly automatically, with freely definable quality rules beyond classification limits!



Increase findability, consistency and control of digital assets such as images and documents for a special customer experience!



Clearly maintain different text types per article or on a mass basis across assortments or channels!



Product Master Data Management 

An exceptional customer experience starts with high quality data of your products.

Discover how you can gain real advantages over the competition with the master data solution ableX! 

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What our customers say:

“ableX bietet einen umfangreichen Standard, den wir sehr individuell auf unsere auf Massendaten ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozesse eingestellt haben. Dank hervorragender Schnittstellenkompetenz kommuniziert ableX einfach und konsistent mit allen angeschlossenen Systemen."

Arne Blöcker, Head of Databases and Systems at EUROBAUSTOFF

Don't wait any longer and make a presentation appointment today to discover the full power of ableX to help you achieve the highest data quality and gain a competitive edge!
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