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The Ablex Prinziple

With ableX we want to enable our customers to achieve the highest data quality possible and to design their workflows to be more user-friendly.



to use


to communicate data


to migrate data



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data management

for the most exacting demands

Master data management

Are you looking for a way of importing data in a way that is both simple and managed that also emphasises quality management? Should the speed during both import and export when exchanging data between multiple systems be factored into the design, even in live operation without latency? Do you want the program to have a user-friendly design that allows work to be completed quickly and effectively? Documents and other attachments should be assigned automatically, and we don’t mean just a few articles at a time – we mean article masters by the millions! Plus, the program should be designed to manage additional information such as prices, images, documents, texts and conditions.


  • Lost track of your big data? The ableX dashboard informs you about the current state of your data and what’s next on the to-do list in real time.

  • Do you have different data maintenance teams? Each team receives different information and tasks.

  • Don’t know what your team is currently working on? The dashboard lets you know about your teams’ open processes and tasks.

  • Interfaces can be freely defined with program favourites and statistics to create a customised dashboard for your master data maintenance.

quality management

  • Determine the desired quality of your master data yourself – without any programming knowledge!

  • ableX enables you to maintain an overview of your quality guidelines.

  • Is big data standard at your company? It is for us, too! Article maintenance even when you have several million articles is no longer an obstacle.

data Communication

  • Online check for your suppliers.

  • Fully separated from rigid file structures. You can work with all files.

  • Use your own terminology, not that of your suppliers.

  • Be flexible when exchanging data and distribute your data to where it’s needed.

  • Work in parallel within the team. Multiple tasks can be completed at the same time without disruption.

  • Ready-to-use interfaces to common portals are already in place, including to ARGE, SHK-Branchenportal, Mitegro, GAEB, PriCat and many more.

  • You can administer standard classifications such as ETIM (including version 7), eCl@ss, Proficl@ss as well as your own.

  • Exchanging data within the group can be managed centrally using any system. You always know the current processing status of your master data.



Product Information management

Do you already have a solution for PIM? ableX will integrate into your existing environment according to your requirements. Or are you looking for a solution to meet your PIM needs alongside our MDM solution? And have the ability to assign multiple classifications, allocate priority and freely define catalogue structures? Do you need a dynamic long-text editor, dynamic display masks for full-text views of articles and different interfaces that act as export channels and still follow freely definable quality guidelines?

attribute Management

  • Freely definable quality guidelines.

  • Powerful formula editor with graphic interface.

  • System-managed quality check during live operation without delay.

  • Mass processing of articles, prices, texts and documents (images, PDFs, etc.) without exiting ableX.

article Full View

  • Point of view: Each team needs to have its own view of the products. Easily create customised product views using drag and drop.

  • Access different content areas to liven up the product views.

Document management

  • Automated document assignment.

  • Colour coding for an enhanced overview of the processing status.

  • Attach individual fields to documents.

  • Store any number of conversion rules such as format, resolution, colour, water marks, etc.

long texts

  • Assign long-text articles, products or product groups using drag and drop.

  • Process texts centrally and release them for all products. 

  • Integrated HTML text editor.

  • Import long texts from your suppliers.


  • Quickly and easily create your catalogues using drag and drop while having central access to your images, attributes and texts.

  • You can always see how your catalogue will look thanks to the live preview of pages, chapters or even the entire catalogue.

  • Do you already have publishing systems? No problem. Our flexible interface configuration tool enables you to print your catalogue in a snap.

ableX 5

Discover the best ableX of all time!

adoX Logo_Signatur.png

Are you looking for a central data communication system that transcends network boundaries 

yet is still modularly expandable?


  • Reduce the number of interfaces since there is only one interface for each connected system.

  • Less time and costs for maintenance.

  • Less time and costs for implementation thanks to freely definable interfaces.


  • Other systems can be connected at any time and during live operation.

  • New functions can be added at any time and during live operation.


  • Highly reliable. 

  • Distributed installation of software is possible based on available capacity.

  • Communicate is possible across different networks.

The cloud

  • A central ableX system can be accessed via the cloud from any location (with certificate request).

  • This is well-suited to groups and business associations due to its multi-client capability.

  • Centralised master data maintenance is possible with decentralised data maintenance points.

  • Combining ableX with ESB allows data to be exchanged directly with every target system used via the Internet (ERP, webshops, etc.).

Case Study

Let’s assume you’re a wholesaler.

To be successful, you want to offer your customers a large number of products. Your customers need highly detailed information so that they can find and purchase the right items. Images of the product are more than just interesting information. They can be a key factor in a customer’s decision on whether to purchase the product from your or from your competitor.

To be able to offer as many products as possible and then promote them to your customers in a way that drive sales, you need to collect an enormous amount of data and make it accessible to the customers. This means you can’t afford to provide incomplete information. If the potential customer has any doubts, they’ll look elsewhere to purchase the product. If they don’t find the product in the first place, they won’t be able to buy it. To stay competitive, you need to offer more and more products since the competition doesn’t sleep.

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