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Our aim is to support our customers in achieving the highest data quality possible and in designing their workflows to be more user-friendly. Our software and our corporate culture are aligned with this aim. We’re only satisfied when our customers are successful.

That is why we place emphasis in data quality. What that means for us? 


Thorough, correct and structured product data, that is immediately available for each and every business process as fuel for digital transformation and tomorrows success. 


Qualification of mass data: simultaneous, easy and automated. There is just no time to edit data individually.  


Quality check by self-defined provisions with automated processes, rules and formulas. A strong and automated quality check with understandable reporting – that is how you achieve high data quality! 

We bet on highest data quality with mass data. Our product solutions are developed towards that with consistency! 

Malte Li, Geschäftsführer ablex GmbH

Our ableX product solutions 

Structure your data 

Product data needs to be structured to be used effectively. That means editing attributes and the mapping of classifications. With ableX you can use the common standards like ETIM, eCl@ss, proficl@ss and GPC and in addition to that define your own. Stay flexible and use as many classifications as you need – at the same time! Improve your data only once in one classification and all changes are transferred to the other classifications. Structured data in highest quality enable you to use your data for whatever you need it to. 

Use a centralised approach 

Centralised master data management offers a single point of truth. Make sure that all your business processes use the current and correct product data at all times. That is how you avoid that every department works with different data to dire consequences. Stop wasting time checking for current data! Use highest data quality that you can trust! 

You define quality 

What is data quality to you? Create your own quality checks as you and your processes need them. ableX is guarding your quality according to your standards and definitions. It’s all about your business and your business processes! That even starts with data import and onboarding. Check for data quality to improve it efficiently! 

Automate your processes 

Mass data needs to be edited in an easy way but on a big scale. Improving each and every product on its own is too limiting. That is why ableX offers automation. Define your own rules and formulas to create your ideal business process and efficient workflow. ableX adopts to your needs and offers you a wide range of possibilities to follow your ideal path. That is how you achieve highest data quality on your own terms! 

Automated calculation

Do you want the whole of your line of products to be calculated automaticely? Should that be done apart from your ERP system so that the whole of your shadow product range is calculated and can be offered?  You can do that with ableX according to your own specifications and factors. Improve your competitive ability and shorten your time to market – with our integrated and automated calculation! 

The best data straight from the supplier 

To get all the product data from different sources and suppliers easily leads to chaos in your data. A variety of formats, choice and amount of data can make product data management difficult.  

With our portal specific for suppliers you get back control. You define what data in what format you need and the supplier can deliver and improve their data in your system according to your quality definition. Cater for a high data quality even at the point of onboarding! 

Retain the overview 

Data management can become confusing and cumbersome. With ableX you always keep your eyes on the state of your product data – in real time! With the freely definable user interface you gain a keen overview over your data and the progress of your team thanks to statistics and the task manager. Adjust what information is shown in the dashboard to what staff member and team. Create your own workflow freely and efficiently. That is how data quality becomes comprehensible and achievable! 


Our product solutions can adapt to your business processes and support you in a wide variety of ways so that you achieve your goals! You can bank on our counsel and expertise. We support you on your way to success, define your requirements and adapt our software to your needs.  


We look forward to hearing from you and to see how we can support you on your way to highest data quality.  


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