Product data accessible, in highest quality and just as you need it!

For successful master data management

Today, products are sold across several channels. Whether you offer your products through a web-shop, catalogues or stationary retail: Your customer always expects all relevant product information according to the channel. If the customer experience is not right, people don’t buy. Therefore, it is even more important to use a system to provide every channel with correct and relevant product information. Shorten your time-to-market, increase your web-shops’ conversion rate, create and customize catalogues. In short: Use your product information to your advantage and success!  



For customers to find what they search for and what is relevant for them in a web-shop, you must structure the product data. You achieve that by editing classifications and attributes. You can use established standards like ETIM and eCl@ss in ableX or define your own, according to your own needs and wishes. Edit your product data en masse and define your own quality standards! 

For successful master data management

Offer customers an appealing product experience in your web-shop! The right product information alone is not enough but taken for granted. Customers expect to be addressed personally and individually, with a sense of understanding for their individual challenges and perspectives. Design therefore product information customized to marketing personas and revolutionize your e-commerce! Give customers the experience they crave!   


Manage and refine your master data centrally with ableX, enabling you achieve the highest data quality possible.

  • Mass processing 

  • Formula

  • Rules

  • Daten quality

  • Calculation

  • Bonus management


Manage and refine your master data centrally with ableX, enabling you achieve the highest data quality possible.

  • Catalogue

  • Attributes

  • Classifications

  • Media data


Manage and refine your master data centrally with ableX, enabling you achieve the highest data quality possible.

  • Synchronizing

  • Performance boost

  • across enterprise

  • Saving resources


You can easily lose track of your data management and your data publishing. Thanks to the customizable user interface you gain easy access to and a clear overview of your data and your team’s tasks and progress. Easily adjust what information is shown to which team and what team member. That is the way to make omnichannel marketing accessible and easy! 


Every channel needs different media assets. To offer products in a whole variety of channels you must add a range of media assets, that need to be managed.  

Use a centralised system to manage pictures, documents and other media and have them available all the time. Let every channel receive the right picture and text through mapping. Offer a great customer experience, that lets customers want to come back for more! 


You need several texts to offer a product in different channels, as every channel is different. Especially if you want to offer an intriguing product experience you need several texts for every product. Use our text manager to assign long texts to products and product groups. You can edit them straight in ableX. 


You want to see all available information to a product at once in an easy way? Use the full view option inside of ableX. You can customize the view individually and for every team. That’s how you gain the overview you need!   


Creating catalogues doesn’t have to be complicated! Generate your catalogues easily and fast with drag and drop and access your pictures, attributes and texts centrally. With a live preview of the pages, chapters and the full catalogue you always see the finished result. In case you already use publishing systems, you can use the flexible configurator for the connectors to send your catalogues to print. Simplify your catalogues creation! 

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