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Banks & Insurances

Automate compliance reporting and increase your data quality!

The financial sector has changed dramatically in recent years with increasing regulations. Data has become a major target of regulatory projects. In line with the know-your-customer principle, there are now so many requirements that it is very time-consuming to centralise all customer data and forward it to the compliance systems in the shortest possible time. This is where ableX! shines. With its intuitive user interface and strong automation expertise, ableX can help you to quickly collect customers with all additional data and make it available to the respective compliance systems. With ableX, you automate your data acquisition, migration and quality processes, gain time in the compliance evaluation processes, thus relieving your compliance department and dedicating yourself to your everyday business again!

You cannot afford to waste time. We understand that. That's why we have developed ableX for banks and insurance companies. Trust in over 20 years of experience in data communication!

Become an Enabler

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