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Banks & Insurances

Product data accessible, in highest quality and just as you need it!

Automate compliance reporting and increase your data quality!

The financial sector has changed dramatically in recent years with increasing regulations. Data has become a major target of regulatory projects. In line with the know-your-customer principle, there are now so many requirements that it is very time-consuming to centralise all customer data and forward it to the compliance systems in the shortest possible time. This is where ableX! shines. With its intuitive user interface and strong automation expertise, ableX can help you to quickly collect customers with all additional data and make it available to the respective compliance systems. With ableX, you automate your data acquisition, migration and quality processes, gain time in the compliance evaluation processes, thus relieving your compliance department and dedicating yourself to your everyday business again!

You cannot afford to waste time. We understand that. That's why we have developed ableX for banks and insurance companies. Trust in over 20 years of experience in data communication!


automated processes


control over your data


harmonisation of all data sources



Relieve the burden on your compliance team! 

With ableX, you can manage data from any source centrally, quickly, easily and reliably, increase data quality and thus meet the compliance requirements in the financial sector! 

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Benefit from a data management solution that promises success!


With ever-changing regulations, compliance departments face ever-increasing challenges. Fraudulent transactions are on the rise and suspicious reports are rare. Meanwhile, finance departments often struggle to process these reports manually. This is where ableX comes in. AbleX is the first fully automated tool for supplying compliance systems for banks and insurance companies that works with both Excel and SQL databases and accesses and provides all data via automated interfaces.

ableX meets the challenge of integrating different systems by simplifying the integration process of different domains and offering a range of interfaces, e.g. to common ERP systems.

Benefit from a data quality solution with dynamic quality rules for automated correction processes and system-supported quality monitoring. You are also supported by individual data imports and exports per channel.



Harmonise the data of all systems in your company into a uniform data language via fully automated processes!



Manage and refine your data automatically, even centrally in huge quantities, and achieve the highest data quality!



Always keep an overview of the data quality and your tasks. Intervene before problems arise!



Create individual data models to ensure full harmonisation of all systems!



Centralise all your clients' documents and digital assets in one single point of truth!



Provide all customer data in impressive speed and thus be meaningful at any time!



Data & Compliance   

Do you wish your compliance department didn't need so much time for manual control processes? Discover how you can automate your processes, increase the quality of your data and meet compliance requirements with ableX

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Don't wait any longer and make a presentation appointment today to discover the full power of ableX to achieve the highest data quality and save a lot of time in meeting compliance requirements!
What our customers say:

“ableX bietet einen umfangreichen Standard, den wir sehr individuell auf unsere auf Massendaten ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozesse eingestellt haben. Dank hervorragender Schnittstellenkompetenz kommuniziert ableX einfach und konsistent mit allen angeschlossenen Systemen."

Arne Blöcker, Head of Databases and Systems at EUROBAUSTOFF

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