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Your ENabler

We do our best to make

you successful

Our aim is to support our customers in achieving the highest data quality possible and in designing their workflows to be more user-friendly. Our software and our corporate culture are aligned with this aim. We’re only satisfied when our customers are successful.

The Managing Directors

Benjamin te Laak started his career in the sales department of a plastics processing company. There he gained experience in supporting major customers and the management of master data that comes with it. Since 2009 he applies his knowledge and skill to ableX, first as part of the support team and soon after in project management. In addition to that he was accredited as ‘International Business Manager’ by attending  a night university. Together with Malte Li he leads ableX since June 2018 as the managing director.

Benjamin te Laak

In 1999 Michael te Laak founded the ARM Group and since then presides over it as managing partner. In the 1980s and 1990s he was involved with the development of an ERP system, since 1996 as managing director. He decided to found the ARM Group with the conviction that in the future a different kind of system will be needed for centralised master data management. The existence and success of our company continues to prove him right.

Michael te Laak

Malte Li first trained as a communications electrician and later studied computer science. He went on to work as a software engineer and joined ARM Group in 2008. Four years later he took over the department as head of software development. Together with Benjamin te Laak he became managing director of the newly founded ableX GmbH in 2018.   

Malte Li

Our Team

Wikipedia defines a team (from the old English: family, group) as a group of individuals (usually four or more) working together to achieve a goal. This applies to ableX GmbH on more than one level.

To work here is to be part of a family who always does their best as a team. Not just to work, but to work in the conviction that ableX is lived as a company and a program. With innovative ideas, a collaborative solution, and an overarching goal, our aim is to deliver maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction with ableX.

Our job is to ensure your success!


Always by your side. Project management supports customers from the start to the end of the project and beyond!


The specialists with a clear focus. Product managers act as an interface between development and project management and our customers. 


The creative minds and nimble coders behind ableX. They are constantly upgrading ableX according to the requirements of our customers – nothing happens without them.


Are you interested in ableX? Get in touch with our sales team via e-mail, phone or simply stop by, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Your partner to contact if you are experiencing software issues or need urgent support.  


Our team takes a creative approach to bringing a buzz to ableX software.  

Join our team!


Über uns 

Hinter unseren Produktlösungen steckt ein engagiertes, kompetentes und starkes Team. Der Blick für unsere Kunden und ein menschlicher Umgang ist uns besonders wichtig. erfahren Sie mehr über uns und unser Unternehmen. 

Video ansehen


We are what we live for!

Our Values


is our passion


We are not satisfied with the status-quo, but take joy in innovation. Finding creative Solutions and new ways in problem solving is our ambition. In all we do, we act sustainable and value driven.

We do

our best


We are competent and always eager to improve. For the success of our clients and of our company we strive for excellence. To achieve high goals motivates us.

We are

one big team


We know that we achieve more together rather than alone. Together we take on challenges and together we celebrate our victories.

We think and

act with efficienty


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We are trustworthy

and dependable


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We treat each other

fairly and with respect


Our colleagues are important to us. Therefore we are honest and open and by that we create a supportive and appreciate environment.

ARM Group

More than just a company

We’re part of the owner-operated ARM Group.

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aView Group

How a key insight helped lay the foundation for the ARM Group...

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